Congrats on your Winning the SoapyBabe Giveaway Sami!  First and foremost here is your $25 coupon Code for the shop: WD3N4RG .  Please note: You must use the entirety of the $25 at once, as it's a one-Time Discount rather than a credit.     

As a new SoapyBabe we have some lovely new perks for you!  Each month we'll send you new deals exclusive to the SoapyBabe line.  We'll also be mentioning you in any posts about SoapyBabes in the future! We'd love it if you share your updated status, but it's definitely not required.  We'd also appreciate if any posts are made about SoapyBliss on any of your platforms that you use the hashtags #SoapyBlissUSA and #SoapyBabe. Below is a small form for us to gather your information so we can link to you via Social Media as much as possible.  Your personal information will never be handed out.  

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